We are glad to announce that the workshop will be opened with an invited talk given by Dr. Benjamin Tatler, a senior researcher at the School of Psychology, The University of Dundee.

Brief biography
Dr. Ben Tatler’s research considers how information is gathered and used by the visual system, particularly in the context of natural behaviour. He uses a combination of fully mobile and desk-mounted eye trackers to study visual behaviour over a range of settings, but with a particular emphasis on the importance of studying vision in the context of natural behaviour in real environments, rather than exclusively in laboratory settings. Dr. Tatler has published a range of articles and books on eye guidance and memory for scenes. Dr. Tatler received his PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Sussex in 2002 and is now a Reader in the School of Psychology at the University of Dundee, UK, where he runs the Active Vision Lab (

Keynote : “Vision in action”

Abstract: Successful completion of real world activities requires precise control over where and when we move our eyes. Eye movements target behaviourally relevant information in our surroundings. Behaviourally informative locations change with progress through a task, so gaze allocation must be to the right places at the right times to serve behaviour. Current computational models of fixation selection offer high explanatory power for some aspects of static scene viewing, and models of dynamic scene viewing are emerging. However, few engage with the need to consider visual selection as being fundamentally and intricately linked to action. Across a wide variety of natural tasks common fixation selection principles can be identified. These principles change the emphasis of what should be modeled and identify a need for new classes of models for explaining visual behaviour in natural task settings. A framework incorporating behavioral rewards provides a powerful potential framework for explaining eye movement behaviour, and for the development of formal models of eye guidance.