This workshop aims to bring together researchers from different areas who have a common interest in using eye tracking for research questions related to spatial information. It should stimulate the exchange of ideas between the different areas, laying out a road-map for using eye tracking for spatial research.

  • Evaluation of Cartographic and other Spatial Visualizations with Eye Tracking
  • Eye Tracking as a Tool for Spatial Cognition Research
  • Eye Tracking in Traffic Research, Car Navigation, and Public Transport
  • Gaze-Aware Mobile Assistance
  • Gaze-Based Activity Recognition while Interacting with Geospatial Information
  • Gaze-Based Interaction with visuo-spatial representations and Maps
  • Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Visualization of Eye Tracking Data
  • Usability Analysis of GIS with Eye Tracking
  • Visual Perception and Exploration of (Indoor and Outdoor) Space
  • Wayfinding Studies and Eye Tracking